A Burglary in the Night

Some days after the death of Maurice Arteaga, at the discretion of the Keeper, Corien Cogh and two of her cultists breaks into Maurice’s house in an attempt to locate the Moonstone. Corien knows the house very well and about ten minutes after they have entered the building they have located the safe. The two accomplices starts to work on the safe while Corien sits in a armchair leafing through a book and keeping watch. She has a technical device from the Serpent People that will warn if anyone will enter the house, as a (reverse?) burglar alarm, and she then is not a very alert lookout (if the device is fully operational or if she notice the warning signal is up to the Keeper, should anyone, like the investigators, enter the house).

Should the investigators notice Corien et al, then Corien should not be killed or caught as one of the major antagonists in the story will be neutralised. Should this happen, the investigators will need to glean what clues they can from Corien, or some other source of the clues the investigtors needs to understand the chain of events is needed. Corien will not herself give the clues but shadowing her and/or interrogate her might give some clues about Christin Barnett’s fate they won’t otherwise get.

Unless something happens, e.g. the investigators enters the house for some reason, they will break open the safe three hours and 35 minutes after they entered. The safe, which has been left untouched by Ferdinand Kaelin as it was not tampered with by the murderer (but the police will show interest in its contents if their investigation stalls), contains some money, jewellery, three keys on separate unlabelled keyrings and business papers. The trio takes the money and the jewellery, especially a necklace with a diamond pendant as Corien considers it rightfully hers as Maurice gave it to her. She left it by his bedside a week before their break-up and she forgot to demand it back afterwards. The papers they leave as it hold no interest to them.

Corien does not know about North Transit, Ltd., and has no idea to which lock the three intricate keys goes. One of the keys is put in an envelope with papers about car sales and is missed by the trio. Corien takes the two others after some consideration, better safe than sorry, but misses the third. Quite vexed by this Corien leaves the house with her cultists and they soon dissipate into the night, each one to their own hovel.

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