A Chase in the Night

The pace picks up

Ideas / planning of this scene

There is a chase through the night, does the investigators find out who chased who?

The Morgan House : someone is there and is being chased by someone else, Beebee is seen as the culprit and maybe is thankful that the investigators sort it out?

Someone broke into the estate and someone else was waiting outside for that other ones.

Optional scenario: it is the burglary part that asked the pcs to do the burglary- he or she does not need to do it themselves

The scene is set

There are two things in Morgan House that might interest the protagonists and antagonists of the story; the Moonstone and the gangster Brandon Booker. It is either of these that will form the basis of this open scene, which has the purpose of introducing clues to the investigators, but which clues are up the the Keeper.

The investigators can either be observers in the scene or take on one of the parts, but the scene is build around three participants: The Burglar, the Observer and the Hunter.

The scene plays out according to a simple script: in the deep of the night an apartment or office of Morgan House is burglarised. As the Burglar leaves the House the Observer notices this as well as that another participant, the Hunter, has also seen this party and starts to follow the Burglar, who gives chase, either knowing or not that the Hunter is in hot pursuit.

The Burglar

The most likely Burglar is either Corien Cogh, looking for the Moonstone, or the investigators, looking for … anything.

The Burglar can act on their own accord or on the orders of e.g. Corien Cogh. The investigators might have taken actions so Corien Cogh thinks she can use them and poses as fence or go-between (or she uses some of her cultists), who is interested in the precious stones located in a safe in one of the offices in the House. The only reason for her to use the investigators, is if she is in some way prevented from doing it herself.

The Observer

The Observer is probably the investigators, as this is the only likely scenario where the Observer takes active action and follows the two others. Any NPC can take on the role of the Observer but apart from taking notice, few of the other protagonists in this story would follow.

The Hunter

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