A Dog is Buried

The case of the dead dog

What starts the case

On Monday the 25th April Chere Lianos knocks om the home of Maurice to report that she this morning has found Bruce dead in the garden of Villa Tranquillitatis.

Who answers the door, if any, depends on what the investigators have done so far, but if no special arrangement is done the news papers will probably get wind of it (so the investigators can be duly notified). Unless someone instructs Mama Li otherwise she will leave the collar, which identifies the dog, with a short note detailing where the dog has been found and that she will burry it ”at the bottom of the garden”. She will then go back to the villa and burry the dog, with Mathilda watching silently, at the garden’s furthest end and then go in and have some coffe and cake with Mathilda. (Mama Li is expecting the child to be a little upset about the dead dog but she shows no sign of any emotions apart from her usual silent curiosity.)

The trail of clues

To know what really happened, see What acctually happened.

The rope can be found lying on the ground where it was found. It is pulled into a heap but some investigation (e.g. Tracking, Notice or similar) will reveal the hole and where the dog has been lying. Some footprints can also be found.

It is quite hard to read any from the footprints, but an Investigator that is successful might deduce most of what has transpired (FoC: Great (+4) Notice, CoC: Tracking (Hard)).

There a very few clues apart from the 8 mm thick rope, which is a quite ordinary modern rope without any tell-tale signs, and the hole from something that has been pulled from the ground, something like a big carrot. There are few people around at midnight, a beat cop might have seen a delivery van on some adjacent street but he didn’t pay much attention to passing van that looked perfectly normal to him.

It is quite easy to connect the dots and start to suspect some occult dealing (FoC: Average (+1) Occult, CoC: Occult), it is a little harder to determine whether some deity or spell requires mandrake (as there is no other reasonable explanation for the evidence but that someone has harvested a mandrake root). A successful skill roll (FoC: Fair (+2) Mythos, CoC: Mythos) gives that no creature or deity of the Mythos requires mandrake but there might be spells that uses it as an ingredient.

Examination of the dog

If the Investigators have the opportunity to examine the dog, which would require them to dig it up, they will find that the dog was in good health (see the entry under Maurice Arteaga about Bruce for details) and there is no sign of cause of death. The only thing a thorough search can give is that both eardrums have broken but almost no blood has congealed in the ear canal, implying that it happened very close to the time of death.

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