A Murder is Discovered

The game begins…

When does a story start? Is it when something dramatic happens and many people notice it? Or is it when a baby is borned, one that years later will pull the trigger on the gun and kill the coming starlet? Or is it even further earlier, in eons before the humans decended from the trees? When species known only to a few humans fought wars over assets no human mind could comprehend?

This story begins with a murder, or more accurately when the investigators gets involved in the murder investigation.

The Investigators are Introduced to the Story

How the investigators are introduced to the murder and its investigation is left to the Keeper to decide; it depends on so very many things. The following are just some suggestions and plot hooks to help the Keeper. Throughout the campaign it is generally assumed that the investigators are not affiliated with the authorities and thus doesn’t report all found evidence to the police and does not have full access to crime scenes and formal reports. I.e. that they are the traditional Call of Cthulhu investigators.

He, she and it
The pronouns will be mixed but in general investigators and the Keeper are used without reference to gender; but when a pronoun is needed, individual investigators will usually be referred to as either he or she (if several investigators are intended the gender mix will strive towards 50/50) and the Keeper is always referred to as she.
Keeper, Game Master, …
Different games gives different titles to the Game Master, for historical reasons the CoC title, Keeper, is used in this adventure.

One or several of the investigators are…

Starlet looking for stars ended up in Styx

The star of Too Much for a Summer that made such success during the fall has been found dead in the river in a most tragic accident

The Police reports that Miss Barnett, whom our readers have most likely read so much about the past year, was found dead in a car in the river this morning. She was last seen at the famous Mountain King and is widely believed that she lost her way from the restaurant and had this terrible accident during the night. The location of the find is to the north of the city and she must have left the resturant and missed the junction to the city, instead following the country road towards the northern farmlands. She will be mostly remembered for her role in …

Either way, they learn on the morning of Saturday the 13th of October that the starlet Christin Barnett has been found dead in the river. Around lunchtime it is revealed that she has driven into the river in her boyfriend’s car and on the afternoon the police has found that her boyfriend Maurice Arteaga has committed suicide, probably during the night. The city’s papers has this the same day in the morning and evening editions respectively, if the investigators don’t learn it through other channels.

Gathering Clues

From news reports or from contacts the same day and the Sunday after, they can learn that Christin went to Restaurant Mountain King with Maurice on Friday evening and was seen by several witnesses to have had a really romantic dinner.

After that they went into the basement for its bar and dance floor and stayed there for quite some hours, dancing with each other, talking to friends, fans and business acquaintances.

On any weekday later they can learn that Maurice’s dog has been found dead ”quite far from home.” Two things should strike the investigators as suspicious; the distance is farther than what the dog reasonably could stray on its own and that means that it either was snatched away or that it followed someone it knew. This sub-plot is described in A Dog is Buried.

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