Brandon Booker

Beebee, respectable gangster boss

Gangster boss Brandon Booker, usually called Beebee or The Bees (some of the funnier guys cracks jokes that he is ”stingy” etc., Beebee thought that was funny the first 50-odd times but has gotten pretty bored by it now). His gang are sometimes referred to as ”wasps”, rarely to their faces.

Beebee is a 42 years old white man with a large bald patch and a large beard, well groomed and always wears well tailored suits. He looks like a professor with his round spectacles and black hair and beard. Some people, who meet him for the first time, expects him to speak with a heavy German accent but the only thing that can be revealed is that he speak like someone who started on the street and then worked his way up by being more businessminded and ruthless than the others.

He seldom asks questions, he demands answers, and he does not suffer fools. There is no crime which his gang doesn’t particpant in; drugs, prostitution, pornography, fencing, theft, robbery, corruption, betting, smuggling, blackmail, cons, jail breaks, hiding wanted criminals, extortion and so on.


Beebee is unmarried but entertains the company of Miss Felicia Baker under the pretext that he is a respectable businessman. He does not want her to know about his true occupation but hopes to bend her moral compass to his liking. This is not unlikely he will succeeds with, given a year or two, but unknowing to him she will then try to realign his moral compass, if she gets him in her clutches (which she hopes). Where that ends up is outside the scope of this campaign.

When not in the company of his love interest, he let one out of three high-end prostitutes drape herself over his arm, unless all three of them are out and making money for him.

Albeit he can be seen in the company of Miss Nic he never employs her services for himself but usually discusses what she have learned on the errands he has sent her (see Miss Nic for more).

Motivation and plans

If Beebee should be told about the Moonstone, then he might getting interested in it because others are interested in it and as someone might consider it worth some money, but otherwise he has very little interest in the stone or the plotting of the various fractions.

He has one interest though, and that is to keep an eye on Mathilda in case her father comes back (see What actually happened and Villa Tranquillitatis for further details). This will initially make him very suspicious of the investigators, but should they prove that they pose little threat to either his operations or Mathilda, then he might become an ally. In the beginning he will employ Miss Nic or, if needed, send some of his hard guys to roughen them up, but he might become a valuable ally if they would like to do things that might become costly if the police gets involved. This is especially true if they can show, in one way or the other, that they can provide some service of value to him. He has the police in his pocket, and his agreement with Elmer Caton makes him pretty untouchable.

If the Investigators makes a fuss, he will either employ Miss Nic to spy on them or send some of his hard guys to roughen them up. If they turn out to be of some value to him, then he might become a valuable ally if they need to do things that might become costly if the police gets involved. The Investigators should not assume to much though, he has a business empire to take care of and it is infinitely more valuable to him then any Investigator, but having a few competent expendables on a leach could prove to be quite interesting to him.

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