Chere Lianos

A.k.a. Mama Li

She is 56 years old mexican lady, quite round but can fish out a knuckle duster from the depth of her many skirts and shawls if she’s in a tight corner.

She is usually called Mama Li by most, espescially by Mathilda, of whom Mama Li is very protective. When Mathilda needed a guardian, Brandon Booker assigned Mama Li to the task and arranged with Elmer Caton that he should pay for Mama Li’s salary while Beebee payed for the villa and its upkeep.

Her 23 year old son Marcones Lianos died in a gangster shootout nine year ago and daughter Delaira Lianos died in childbirth at seventeen (the 12 year older father left the state when he found out in the seventh month of the pregnancy), 13 years ago.

The Death of Marcones Lianos

Marcones was part of a small gang that was related to Beebee’ mob. They usually did small jobs, like transportations and hiding hot contraband and desperados that could pay good money for the chance to cool their heels.

There is always some rivalry between gangs, and one other gangs was after some contraband that Marcones’ gang was moving for Brandon Booker. Marcones was not part of that operation but was caught up in the gun fight that erupted when the transport was ambushed. It was close that the contraband was retrieved by the opposition but the intervention of Marcones made it possible for one of his gang members to break away and get the contraband out of the ambush zone and to a safe place. The other gang then took out their revenge on Marcones and shot him in each arm and leg, and let him bleed to death while they were watching.

Beebee was very grateful of Marcones actions that made him make a pledge to Mama Li to look after her in the place of her now dead son. ”I can never replace your son, but as you have lost one, you have also gained one.”

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