Christin Barnett


Christin Barnett met Maurice Arteaga when she was auditioning for a role at the city theatre four months ago, a role she didn’t get, but she fell for the man twice her age. A more accurate description would be that both saw what the other one craved, and to what length that person could go to get it. She wanted contacts to get roles and he wanted another girlfriend.

She is 23 years old and left the family farm in Kentucky three years ago for the city’s lights and the stage, a stage she had the talent and the intelligence to become a big star for—especially since she also was ruthless enough to understand that she could use her face to turn the heads of the (male) decision makers, and then use her body to secure the roles and contracts.

There are few (important) beds in the city she hasn’t woken up in during the last three years, but her career is now on solid ground and she has landed several big movie roles without having to undress.

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