Christin Barnett


Christin Barnett met Maurice Arteaga when she was auditioning for a role at the city theatre four months ago, a role she didn’t get, but she fell for the man twice her age. A more accurate description would be that both saw what the other one craved, and to what length that person could go to get it. She wanted contacts to get roles and he wanted another girlfriend.

She is 23 years old and left the family farm in Kentucky three years ago for the city’s lights and the stage, a stage she had the talent and the intelligence to become a big star for—especially since she also was ruthless enough to understand that she could use her face to turn the heads of the (male) decision makers, and then use her body to secure the roles and contracts.

There are few (important) beds in the city she hasn’t woken up in during the last three years, but her career is now on solid ground and she has landed several big movie roles without having to undress.

Christin has recently signed a contract with local film company Bane Light and Sound Film Company, run by Artair Keith Bane. The film is a story about a successful business man that turns back to his home town and the working title is Crossing the river twice. If the Investigators contacts Artair Bane, they will only talk to his secretary Joo Jian-ku, his secretary of Chinese decent. Racist slurs or deliberate mistakes to assume Joo is her personal name will make it much harder for the Investigators to get any information through her. Regardless which excuse the Investigators use, Mr Bane is out of town on business and cannot be reached (he is in New York looking for financing for Crossing the river twice and did not take the death of Christin lightly. He is now also looking for another actress, which makes it even harder to reach him. Mrs Joo knows which hotel he lives at and makes calls there a couple of times, but this is not information she will impart with lightly, or at all. She takes her job as a gateway between Mr Bane and the rest of the world very seriously.

The Villa Star

About one year ago Christin bought a six room villa in the richer part of the city, named it Villa Star after a villa featuring in a film she liked, and furnished it according to her tastes. The ground floor has four rooms; dining room, sitting room, guest bedroom (unused but furnished just in case), and a ”acting room”. There is a rather small kitchen at the back, she rarely cooked any food (albeit she knows how to do it) apart from a sturdy breakfast based on fried eggs and sausages, toast, and porridge – the latter two laden with a heavy dose of marmalade. There is a very large pot with marmalade in the pantry, but she wasn’t finicky about which fruits and berries went into the marmalade as long as it was sweet. The upper floor consists on two equal bedrooms on either side of a very small landing.

The dining room contains a large dinner table that can seat ten guests, but the room is known to have taken a total of fourteen guests, but that was not a formal dinner. The acting room is here she practised for many of her roles or prepared for auditions. There is chaise longue, a small table with a comfortable armchair next to it, an upright piano and a full length mirror in a frame on small wheels. In a bookshelf and on the table, chaise longue, and piano, numerous bundles of papers lies scattered. These are all manuscripts for films and theatre plays she studies, have played in or audited, but also musical pieces. She had a nice singing voice and played the piano well. The sitting room shows many signs of a woman that enjoy the company of others, but also wants to be alone at times. There is a gramophone player and an extensive selection of gramophone records, two comfortable sofas and accompanying tables and also four armchairs. A book case shows a large selection of classical works but also contemporary books, Christin had a very broad taste and had learned that a well-read woman has it much easier to converse at a party – or on stage! Tucked away in a cupboard are several records, books and diagrams to learn various dances. She studied these to become a better dancer, both for the silver screen and for the socialite parties she attended.

She had a middle aged woman cooking, cleaning and generally looking after the house with her husband doing the garden. At parties she hired a real cook, as the elaborate dinners Christin wanted was beyond the woman’s capacity.

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