Corien Cogh


A 27 years old Dutch cultist leader who poses as an author of cheap romance novels. She arrived in the city three and a half years ago, on the pretext of researching material for her books. In reality she was sent here by her masters to take control of the local cult and shake things up, as the old leader had gotten impassive in regard to the search for the Moonstone. After one year she had ousted the old leader, who at a meeting denounced his leadership, and formally handed it over to Corien, and then walked out the door to never be seen again.

Authorship and professional writing

She has gotten 19 books published so far and the magazines that caters to the consumer group that reads her books (she has a strong following in the black communities, despite she being white) there are editorial material describing how much the editors looks forward to her 20th novel, which ”will be published soon”.

She is also a freelancer for the gossip columns in the newspapers and magazines, which gives her ample of excuses to show up at prominent places and ask questions and generally associate with the social elite. A few of the more opinionated articles in The Morning Truth has been written by Corien under the pen name of Alice Tanner. She wrote them for the (meagre) pay and for the fun, and neither part knows of the other one’s connections to the Mythos.


She broke up with Maurice Arteaga during a dinner party Restaurant Mountain King the City Mayor Elmer Caton threw as a start for his reelection campaign. Their relationship had been one of passion and true love, but his narcissist tendencies, his demand for affirmation and her … lack of sanity and agenda to serve her unhuman masters, made it hard for them to keep a ”normal” relationship and during the dinner things escalated to a point. Her view is that he demanded the he would be her ”master”, while at the same time he could not be talked into serving her masters. She could not accept either from a spouse, and thus the relationship was broken up. Both has kept a bit of contact ever since, not much but if they would meet, they would stay for a bit of small talk and ”catching up”. Eventually they would have drifted apart sufficient for these occasions to dry up, but under other circumstances that would have taken about half a year more.

Course of actions

After the set-back of not finding the stone in Maurice’s safe (see A Burglary in the Night) she starts to dedicate herself fully to the search for the Moonstone. She is very close to a devastating failure. She is horrified about the punishment she will beyond doubt receive if she was close to finding the Moonstone but she murdered the only two who know where it was. Her masters will not tolerate such incompetence and failure.

After quite some time (how long is up to the Keeper) she will learn about the new safe in the office in Morgan House and she will very soon thereafter stage a new burglary. Unless it is her that is involved in A Chase in the Night, then she will probably be successful in opening the safe and spirit the Moonstone away to her masters. But if that happens, that depends very much on the actions, and inactions, of the investigators.

Red Herrings and general mischief

Corien has learned via her gossip reporting as Alice Tanner (see above) that Elmer Caton is dabbling in the occult, this is something she uses quite soon after the murders of Christin Barnett and Maurice Arteaga. She decides that if the city is thrown into some political turmoil, her activities will have a higher chance of passing unnoticed, and she then pens a few articles about the occult practices of the city’s mayor and sends them to The Morning Truth. Mr Bauer becomes quite eager to publish the articles, as the occult is most definitely not aligned with the traditional values of his paper. This should be published a couple of days after Bruce is found dead, to allow Elmer to harvest his mandrake.

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