Elmer Caton

The Mayor of the City

Elmer Caton has been the mayor of the city since 1914, and has been into politics since his late teens. He was born into politics as his father Abraham Caton were a senator (now retired due to advanced Alzheimer’s) for the Democrats.

Mr Caton moved to the city to study Law and Political Science at the university, and then shortly after got involved in the city politics. During those years he got in contact with an old book shop owner, Trevor Will, who introduced him in his shop’s back room to the occult and to Mythos magic. The power hungry Elmer soon devoted himself to not only the mundane sciences…

Married since 25 years to Elisabeth Caton nee Carpenter but is so focused on his career that he hasn’t noticed that she has an passionate love affair with the 14 years younger Tonio Morbidelli. (They are truly in love with each other, Elmer and his wife stopped loving each other about ten years ago but only she noticed.)

Elmer does not belong to a group of cultist but have many contacts and is very well connected in the occult circles under his nom de plume ”Dr Virtute Stellarum” (lat. The Power of Stars). He has no knowledge or Mythos but know alot about the occult, and knows a few spells to influence others, but neither are described as Mythos spell but in the context of the occult. The author of those texts had not seen through the veil and into the Mythos. Elmer still retains his Sanity, albeit it is a little bit low, which has left him slightly paranoid, but should he be told about the Mythos and what that entails he will most likely go insane.

Relationship with Villa Tranquillitatis

When Danain Mirabeau disappeared, the police made an investigation and one of Elmer’s informers within the police notified Elmer about the disappearance and that the police had found ”a lot of strange books”. The informer thought the mayor should know about this because ”the newspapers might make a story out of it and ask a lot of stupid, inappropriate questions about it”. The mayor’s interest was piqued by this and under some pretext he visited the Villa. He very soon understood that there were a treasure trove in Mr Mirabeau’s library and he started to make some plan on how to get hold of this. It did help that Mathilda was an orphan and neither of her parents had any known relatives.

Elmer contacted Brandon Booker and they set up a trust fund for the maintenance of the Villa and Mama Li as the girl’s guardian.

Elmer has pilfered several books from Mr Mirabeau’s library and are studying them in his office/reading room at home.

He has at several times visited the Villa and taken a stroll around the lush and marvellous garden, recognising that not all of the flora is what one would consider to be normal for a garden in this part of the country, or even this continent. He have discovered the green house but has not ventured in as the flora spooks him, but that changed when he discovered the mandrake under the Villa Tranquillitatis.

Course of actions

When Corien Cogh, under her pen-name Alice Tanner, writes about his occult interests, his primary reaction is to outright deny. This makes the other papers just the more eager to investigate and the coming days the political crisis escalates. The evidence of clandestine activities mounts and Elmer needs to spend quite some time preparing speeches and issue damage control. The story dies after four days, but it has left a damaging dent in the public image of Elmer and he is determined to figure out who uses the non de plume of Alice Tanner—and let that person have an … accident. The investigators should see these papers and get interested in the doings of Elmer, this could lead them to discover how Bruce came to his fate.

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