Late Night Delivery

There is a nondescript warehouse in an industrial area, standing half-empty but mostly disregarded by the riff-raff of the city.

In this warehouse Elmer Caton stores some various things that he don’t want anyone to know about. He created The Protection and is the only one that knows how to bypass the spell’s influence, this is something he has only told a select few accomplices.

The scene

Late one night, two lorries and a personal car stops outside the warehouse. The single passenger of the car get out and opens the doors while two rough guys from the lorries keep and lookout. The car is then driven into the warehouse by the driver and the two lorries backs up to the now wide open loading doors. Some light within shows that something is loaded or unloaded from the two lorries, but the lorries are fully backed up to the loading doors and this nothing can be seen. At least not from a distance. The two lorry drivers stays in the cabs, keeping a look out for unwanted observers. The only thing that can be seen is the red, glowing dot from their cigarettes.

The Protection

The warehouse has a symbol carved in the wooden wall, high up close to the ridge of the roof. The symbol is hard to discern, even though it is 60 cm in diameter. But its influence is felt by all that pass by the warehouse; no-one is inclined to further investigate the warehouse but hurries to get on with whatever errand they are on, keen on minding their own business.

Third stellation of dodecahedron

The symbols looks like a black, complex star, but is actually the third stellation of a dodecahedron, with the lines painted in black but the surfaces painted i dark blue. At each of the 10 outer points an cuneiform from the Amorite dynasty, i.e. early Babylonian Empire (1800 BC), is painted. The words is an request that the ”sky” (which is a cuneiform quite similar to a star) should protect the warehouse from thieves (enemies and demons) and a threat that all that trespass will be invited to Irra (a Babylonian god that was associated with death) in the Netherworld. The cuneiforms are (from the top, clockwise):

  1. Sky
  2. Protect/guard
  3. The lord/owner
  4. House/property
  5. Enemies
  6. Demons
  7. Invite
  8. Enemies
  9. Neatherworld
  10. Irra

To pass the symbols and enter the warehouse (from any direction and opening) requires that the intruder does on of three things. She can cast a counterspell, the spell protecting the warehouse is Hard. The counterspell either protects just the spellcaster or anyone around her, depending on the spell used. An Elder Sign protects the wearer and anyone within 2-3 metres against the protection spell (this might create a mystery for the players if one in the group is wearing the Sign and one character is lagging behind, the latter will then walk past the warehouse wondering were everyone went…). Finally, if anyone in the group is wearing a necklace with a 3 cm version of the dodecahedron stellation (sans cuneiform) the whole group is protected like if they had an Elder Sign. Elmer Caton has given these necklaces to a handful trusted persons and told them that this is the sign that they are trusted and that ”the guardians” of the warehouse will let them enter. They are under no circumstances to give these necklaces to anyone else, on pain of death, and they should rather swallow them than allow them to get into the hands of anyone else. The acid of the stomach will destroy the star pendant after 10-20 minutes, which then will shatter and create some severe bleeding. Assume the person will bleed to death form internal injuries in 2-3 hours. This is not a planned effect by Elmer Caton, he just knows that the pendant will be destroyed, not its consequences.

Clues that will open this case

The investigators can find the following clues that will enable them to open this case, i.e. to make this scene to play out.

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