Mysterious, spooky little girl

Mathilda is a eight year old orphan girl that is on the quiet side. She observes more than she talks and can often be found behind a bush quietly observing, or rather not be found as she is quite good at finding out that she has been spotted and thus slips away.

She lives in the large villa Villa Tranquillitatis in the older part of the city, which up until thirty or forty years ago was on the outskirts of the city.

Background and Family

Mathilda is an orphan after her parents died five and a half year ago, and is now in the care of Chere Lianos. She has no friends put spends almost all time playing in the garden or inside the house with her many imaginary friends. She is rarely seen smiling, but occasionally one can hear her laughter from deep in the garden (she never laughs inside the house). One of her favourite places is the greenhouse in the Villa.

She is taken care of by Chere Lianos, usually called Mama Li. Mathilda has heard about Marcones, but Mama has never spoken about Delaira.

Exactly what happend to her parents is a mystery, only known to a few, but when she was orphaned, Mama Li was appointed as her guardian (see What acctually happened for some details). Mama Li was appointed by the mayor, who pays her a salary for the trouble out of his own pocket. The reason she was chosen was that Beebee knew her and he also needed to have some he could trust to keep an eye on Mathilda. In the arrangement between the two, Beebee and the mayor, they also agreed that Beebee should pay for the household’s upkeep and the maintenance of the villa, while Elmer payed Mama Li’s salary. Her father were quite wealthy, the villa is just part of the properties the parents owned, and a trust fund has been set up, which Beebee controls and uses for the maintenance of the villa.

Her parents

The details of the life of her parents are described in What acctually happened. Upon the arrival to the Waking World with his bride-to-be, Iraa, she took the name of Marie-Zéphyrine Mirabeau and everyone believed his story that he had brought her from France, which explained her strange tastes and even stranger accent.

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