Miscellaneous Persons

Various persons that does not warrant their own page

Ferdinand Kaelin

Ferdinand is the detective in charge of the investigation of the death of Christin Barnett and later Maurice Arteaga. He is a 38 years old white man, 189 cm and quite fit, with hazel eyes and keeps his brown hair in a military crop and is clean shaven. He does not smoke and if anyone lights up in his office he will show them an ashtray and politely ask them to stub it out.

He obviously has a military background, keeps his back straight as a steel rod and is short clipped. He was a military police, crime investigation, before he got bored of moving between cities and resigned seven years ago. His ageing mother Hanni Kaelin lives in the city and thus he settled here. Three years ago he met Samantha Carpenter, a 43 year old and 160 cm short black nurse working at a home for the impoverished elderly (black) run by a charity mostly funded by the city council, and they have been a couple since the first month. The have not spoken about marriage but Ferdinand has put off his proposal as his mother is … traditional in her view of mixed race couples.

He is a competent detective and not easily fooled, but has turned jaded by the corruption within the Force and has taken some bribes himself. He will not arrest or charge anyone he realises has the money to bribe themselves out of jail, not until he got sufficient on them that they have no possibility to walk out on it. He believes very firmly in the law and in justice, the corrupt system has not made him bitter, and he is very dedicated to his job (this is one of the reasons Samantha Carpenter fell for him).

This attitude can be used both to the investigator’s benefit as well as hamper them, depending on their approach. If they seems to be of acceptable moral standing, he might start cooperate with them to let them do some of the legwork, especially the one that he has harder to do within the legal framework that regulates his activities. It is always handy to have expandables and be able to deny everything if necessary. On the other hand, if they acts like thugs or meddles too much he will probably put them under surveillance and have them shadowed. In either case he will use any information he can glean from them, he won’t tell his superiors of the investigators, both to have deniability and to protect the investigators from corrupt colleagues.

What he knows

He investigated the crash site but did not find the footprints of Corien Cogh, nor where she had turned around the car.

On the other hand he knows a bit or two about the other participants of the affair, primarily that Elmer Caton is one of the few white persons that is allowed to make ”special” business with Trevor Will.

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