Miss Nic, aka Esmeralda Nicholasson

Every story needs a Femme Fatale

Esmeralda Nicholasson or Miss Nic, as she prefers to be called, is a really foxy lady that always talks in hushed tones and wears classy dresses that shows off a slim waist, rounded hips and a full bosom. She is a femme fatale and has absolutely no respect for men, they are tools and nothing more.

She started her career as a professional prostitute in her early teens, after several years of abuse by various short-term acquaintances of her alcoholic mother. She is 26 years now, but ageless in cynicism and disrespect for the male half of humankind. She stopped working as a prostitute five years ago and gone into being a short-term mistress of rich, middle-aged men. The difference is not much, but she gets to sleep alone more nights, can allow herself to say “no” to those she finds loathsome, can decide on how many men she receives on a single night and, not the least, it pays better.

Her motivation to do what she does is that she doesn’t know anything other than to use herself as a conduit of (male) physical pleasure and she doesn’t want to die poor, frozen and hungry. Her self-esteem centres around her ability to seduce and please men. Apart from that she has very little plans or dreams, her life has never had a real future so she has never planned for more than a month or two ahead. Perhaps that is why she has developed a opium habit? Regardless of reason, it needs financing. She needs money, or luxurary dresses and jewlery which she can sell in other cities to get the dough she needs.

When it comes to sexual services she has performed ”the full Kama Sutra” and doesn’t shy away from any position or combination. She is not very found of BDSM, but on those occasions she then prefers the Dom role as surprisingly many successful men fancy being disciplined (if needed, she has several contacts who happily would take the Sub role, and then she can discreetly leave the relationship and later accept her 35 % commission). There is a line drawn at lesbian customers, or ”boyfriends” of her’s that want her to ”do the wife as well”. In the past she has been forced into taking such customers, but she has decided to not go there again. It is usually the men that has the big money, she sees little point in not focusing on the wallets on foot.

She can be contacted by Brandon Booker to keep an eye on the police if this Affair gains speed, and also any nosy investigators. Few men can withstand her seducing techniques and her bedside manners is such that even fewer keep shut about what they know or what they plan. Every man is different and need a different strategy, but she has the keys to most locks.

Private life and apartment

She has a four room apartment, sparsely furnished in a quite normal taste and fashion. There are no personal items like photographs of relatives or childhood memories. There are a few photographs of herself at various vacation spots around the country, she is usually alone in the photographs, smiling at the photographer (some temporary lover that payed for the trip) from beaches, restaurant tables and snowy slopes. In some cases the temporary lover is part of the picture, but a pair of scissors has reduced that as much as possible.

On a overloaded book shelf there is a rag doll that probably resembled a reindeer or maybe a horse once upon the time. She rarely feels anything any longer for ”Orz” but she cannot make herself to throw it away, but it was into this doll which she cried as a young girl after the abuse by her mother’s boyfriends.

She reads a lot, one of the rooms is furnished as a library and she spends hours there every day reading everything from the classics to popular dime novels to treatises on the latest scientific research. She has two editions of Encyclopedia Britannica and both shows signs of frequent use. Reading is her only real past time hobby and what she spends most money on after opium and beauty products. The room has a well worn armchair, a sofa and some smaller tables scattered around the room loaded with books. The largest table is in front of the sofa, and among magazines and newspapers she also keeps her opium paraphernalia there in broad view.

The library also contains a small secretaire where she handle her bills and keeps her ”professional” correspondence, that is love letters from past and present lovers. She usually don’t keep such letters for long after she has broken off a relationship, unless she thinks he might come back or she thinks she could use it for blackmail (very rare that she uses that course of action, but she have used it to get an insisting lover to back off).

There is no kitchen, the landlord wanted to save on some money when the house was built, so she usually eats at a diner or restaurant, of which there are several in the vicinity. She sometimes brings food home and then eats it in the dining room, and leaves the dishes for the cleaning lady who comes in on Monday, Thursday and Saturday at lunchtime.

The third room is a living room where she can entertain her guests with drinks and cuddling on the comfortable sofa. It is not common for her to bring guests or lovers to her apartment but she is not averse to it, this is not some secret sanctum where she hides from her work. There is a door between the living room and the bedroom, which she on these occasions keep invitingly a little bit ajar, but the door to the library is kept closed.

The forth room is the bedroom, where she keeps a largish double bed and her wardrobes and dressing table. The dressing table contains a large number of beauty products and any male makes a wise decision in not commenting upon this. Her phone is also placed on this table, which also holds a small blueish notebook in a drawer among some other notes and papers.

The blueish notebook

Anyone that can decipher the shorthand (at least three hours and a successful skill roll, FoC: Great (+4) Education, CoC: Education) can read the nicknames on who gave which dress or jewellery and when. She doesn’t want to wear the wrong dress with the wrong lover, such faux pas could ruin business! The jewellery is kept in a strongbox in one of the wardrobes (FoC: Superb (+5) Burglary, CoC: Lock pick).

If anyone tries to steal the jewellery, she will use all her connections within law enforcement, mob and among jewellers to find whoever it was. This is her pension fund and she will stop at nothing to find the culprit and get her jewellery back, or the equivalent in money. As she regularly uses the content of the safe, she will most likely notice any theft within 2-3 days, and definitely by the weekend.

She will also use whatever influence she has to make sure the culprits are punished, which is a serious problem as she has many connections within the police and the mob, and she will use all her skills to make them really wanting to follow her softly spoken pleas for justice.


Brandon Booker occasionally employs her as a spy and asks her to use her charm and expertise to wriggle information out of some male mark, or just to put someone that interests him under surveillance. Few men get suspicious when a femme fatale shows an interest in their doing.

Cause of actions

Miss Nic will not figure in the tale, unless either someone hires her to spy on e.g. the investigators, or the investigators needs a push in the right direction and she needs to hire someone that can tell an ex-lover in no uncertain terms that she is serious about the ”ex”.

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