The Morgan House

The Morgan House is a 18 stories high-rise, or tower block, in the George Barrens area of the city, which lies close to the city centre.

The street level floor contains several specialised shops catering to the well-to-do:

In the basement there is the office and workshop of the two handymen that look after the building and its residents and do odd jobs. The next two floors consists of offices for various companies that can pay the premium rent and the remaining 15 floors are apartments, ranging from three to five rooms, except the two apartments on the top floor which has seven rooms each. All apartments have a kitchen and at least one bathroom, all with running hot and cold water. The central heating is run on oil and is located in the basement, while the water tanks for hot and cold water are stored on the roof (the Fire Department wanted to have water high up, to be able to flood the building in case of a fire, and the oil easily accessible in case of fire and not having burning oil pouring down the building).

Danain Mirabeau’s father built the house in 1897 but the son sold the house to Maurice Arteaga in 1921.

List of residents

Notable residents in the House:

  1. Brandon Booker, the western of the two top apartments.
  2. Maurice Arteaga used one of the offices for his businesses, North Transit, Ltd., which he used for the sale and transportation of cars for premium customers. The business was not very lucrative, he ran it mostly to be able to serve those customers and make the sale of the car (which where the profit was made). The company employed one salesman, two clerks, and a number of temporary drivers (usually selected by the clerks) who drove the cars to the customers if the transport distance was considered to be short. For longer distances the clerks arranged the transportation with various logistics companies. One of the clerks has left he county for other work, the other one is currently unemployed and is getting a bit desperate for a new job and the salesman is now working for one of the logistics companies. None of them can give any information that is relevant to the chain of events, they know too little. They can of course describe Maurice’s business practice but it won’t give any clues to the present mystery. Maurice still rents the office and have the guard of the house to check on the office at times. He has placd the moonstone in a very well designed safe in the office. It is the only object in the safe and the three keys are all stored unlableed in his safe at home.
  3. Herbert de Lucien has an small apartment on the 9th floor for his private ”crime fighting” plays. The apartment has two rooms, of which one is mostly used for changing clothes and the other being the ”interrogation room”, and a very small but largely unused kitchen, and a small bathroom (there is barely room to stand between the WC, the very small seated bathtub and the basin).

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