Mr and Mrs Bauer

Truthseeking priest and journalist

Female journalist: Petra Bauer (30 years, blond, 162 cm, slim, always dresses in suit dress in tweed that unintentionally shows off her figure, she commonly is sweet when interviewing but never makes any invites and on dinners or similar is very formal), married to Mathias Bauer (53, 173 cm, overweight), minister in the medium sized church Church of the Mother of the Saviour and Lord as well as chief editor and one of the owners of the news paper The Morning Truth.

Petra commonly presents herself as ”Mrs Mathias Bauer” and prefers to be referred to as ”Mrs Bauer”, she rarely if ever gives out her first name. Her husband never calls her anything else than ”wife”, never ”darling” or ”my Petra”; only ”my wife” when he speaks about her and ”dear wife” when he addresses her. She returns the favour by referring to him as ”my husband”, or ”dear husband” when addressing.

Church of the Mother of the Saviour and Lord

The church is located on a back street in a 50 year old house converted ten years ago into the church. The original house was a combined three family house and storefront, but most of the flat on the ground floor and the store has been converted into one room of devotion. The upper two flats are mostly used as storage, except one room that acts as an office and archive.

The church organised 35 families (singles and unmarried couples are not well received, they usually leaves after a few weeks or two months maximum).

Usually the Mythos has a tendency to delve in the dark and performs its rituals in basements, but not so in this church. In the office there is a safe, containing 350 dollars and some valuables, but has a hidden back door. If found and opened by sticking a special key of extraterrestrial origin (it looks very much as a serrated knitting pin) in a 3 mm hole in the upper corner of the backside in the safe (or succeeds with a very hard lockpicking, CoC: Lock pick (Extreme) or FoC: Fantastic (+6) Burglary), then a 20 times 20 centimetres door is opened and reveals a 40 cm deep compartment, which resides in the wall behind the safe (the safe is properly bolted to both wall and floor). In this compartment a number of paraphernalia is stored used to worship gods that are older than Earth and its silly current inhabitants. The equipment is mostly bowls, knives, candle holders but also two Mythos books of minor importance.

This equipment Mr Bauer brings out for his “special” Mass, which he performs with 14 of his “normal” church goers. All of the cultists are in the fifties or sixties. His wife knows little of this, albeit she has been drugged twice and made to participate in the rituals naked (nothing spices up a ritual as a curvy, naked blonde), she remembers very little as her Sanity took some hard blows. The drug was not sufficient to keep her unconscious, but she rationalises what she experienced as that she were sick and hallucinated, which wasn’t far from the truth as she become temporary insane.

Mrs Bauer as a journalist

It is maybe a little sad that Mrs Bauer is married to such a news paper as The Morning Truth as she is a very competent interviewer, she really has a talent to get the story out of an inverviewee, reluctant or not, and has honed that talent into a skill far beyond the ordinary.

She is also a passable photographer and it is not uncommon that she takes the pictures that accompany her reporting. She has a uncanny knack to have the camera at hand when something newsworthy happens.

She is devoted to her Christian faith and her husband, as it is respectable and proper,

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