The Police investigation

The police, when they arrive at the scene, first assumes it is an accident, but when the coroner find a large dose of drugs in the blood they presumes it is a suicide. This is the theory they will work with until there is evidence that Christin is murdered. When they later that day finds Maurice dead, they open a murder investigation and tags Christin’s suicide as suspicious.

They will work on the hypothesis that Christin killed Maurice and then killed herself, either in a suicide or in an accident due to drugs. They are not fooled by Corien’s attempt at making Maurice’s death look like a suicide, it just makes them a little more suspicious about Christin’s death. What if that is murder as well?

If there is some evidence that either death is a murder, Ferdinand Kaelin will not hesitate to investigate further.

The investigations will not be closed for some time, mainly because of it is a murder investigation, but also because it is two famous and influential persons that has died.

Corien Cogh will try to bribe some in the police to close the investigation, or at least allow her into Maurice’s home but with little success.

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