Restaurant Mountain King

Fancy restaurant with a shady ownership

The Mountain King is a restaurant eleven years old, which was started by two men, Mr Krolyak and Mr Fialkowska, that had long experience of the restaurant business. About three years ago, after eight years of rather anonymous existence, it started to rocket in the charts and become both a really fancy restaurant and a very popular one with the famous people.

What is little known is that what changes was that the local mob moved in and added both much needed capital as well, with their connections, made sure the ”right” people came to the place and got noticed by the ”right” magazines.

When Mr Krolyak and Mr Fialkowska founded the restaurant, they had a vision of a restaurant where families could go for a festive Sunday dinner. It should be priced so the middle-class could go there at least once or twice a month, but not that low prices they didn’t dress for the occasion. To still be able to make ends meet, they also offered premium dinners and lunches for the city’s business men, for their customers and guests.

On the overall, the founder’s plans worked out, but they never left the relative obscurity and were quite anonymous. They particularly struggled with building a loyal base of high-paying customers.

As the story usually goes, on day a well-dress businessman showed up and offered a deal they could not refuse. The acquaintance of Brandon Booker offered that his boss would buy 25% of the restaurant, and they would help attracting the social elite. Even of Mr Booker only owns 25% of the restaurant, he controls considerable more, but Mr Krolyak and Mr Fialkowska can hardly complain because the restaurant is frequently packed on Friday and Saturday nights and they make a lot of money (albeit it seems there are a lot of ”costs” which makes most of the profit to vanish, but they are both too intelligent to not make a fuss).

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