Serpent City

In a hill 19 km to the north of the city there is a artificial cave system, it is a built structure/house that millenias of topsoil has buried. It was once built by the Serpent People and the rooms and corridors meanders downwards to a large room which once was a communal area and production site. None of the rooms or corridors are square but have a rounded appearance in all axles; the rooms are all oblong ellipsoid, varying in proportions, and the corridors are equilateral triangles with the corners rounded. The height of the ceiling in the ”city” varies between six and eight meters.

What the ”city” was used for is long forgotten, but as it contains several ancient artefacts from the Serpent People those cultists who serve the People calls it Serpent City.

The cult of the Serpents

When the Europeans moved to what would become the USA, some of them took with them their worship and servitude of the Serpent People, and in the North America they met groups of the native population that had long traditions of serving the People and worshipping Yig. The groups that spawned from those meetings spread with The Frontier and splintered into sub-groups, but one remained in the area of this campaign. They congregated in and around Serpent City and called themselves The cult of the Serpents, or just The Serpents. At times the police found out about the cults doings, but due to misunderstandings as well as cultist moles within the police organisation, the cult was considered a gang of mobsters called The Serpents and many leads to the cult’s existence and activity were wisely forgotten.

The cultists in the area number about 35 individual, of which 26 are males and nine are females, all are adults albeit some of them who has adolescent children might use them for running errands or as lookouts. The previous male leader was ousted by Corien Cogh two and a half years ago.

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