Strange Neighbours

The neighbours moves in

When the Serpents are convinced that the moonstone is located somewhere in the city, and they are sufficient sure it is the moonstone, they will notify their masters.

After two weeks a small group of six Serpent People will move to Serpent City, being somewhat dismayed by the state of repair their buildings are in. After a stern talking-to with the cultists that were supposed to take care of the dwellings they start to set the buildings in order. This construction work, mostly performed by machines, will give of strange light in the night and some strange burrowing noises that various farmers and other locals will notice and report to the authorities. The lights have no specific source, but there is an ambient light of various hues; sometimes red, sometimes white or yellowish and sometimes blue etc. Over time the light will take on the full spectra.

The construction work will take nine days, then the city is habitable again and the finalisation of the renovation will take an additional two and a half day. After that the city is, if not as new then it is at least as close it can get. The group of serpent people will live in the city during the renovation, four will focus on the renovation work and two will start to investigate the whereabouts of the moonstone. The two investigating members will spend the first week getting to know and understand the human city, mainly by using remote detection machines and by interrogating the cultists. The second week they will take more direct action by sending the cultists on various errands, which might include to spy on the investigators.

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