The Morning Truth

The Truth, or ”the Virgin” as it sometimes is called by the critics as the editors sometimes seems a little too distant from the reality, is one of several papers in the city and is run by Mathias Bauer and Johnathan Buckman. It usually touts its ”traditional values”, ”family values” and ”christian values”, but rarely stops from making side remarks about the subjects it reports about. It some person has acted in some way the editors think doesn’t reflect the values of the editors, they usually makes subtle derogatory remarks regardless if the person was the perpetrator or the victim. Especially women and ”unnatural” successful businessmen will receive this treatment, one such person is of course Maurice Arteaga. The paper is not above giving snide remarks to get cheap points, even if it claims to be a premium, upscale paper and even a seasoned reader might mistake several articles on par with the tabloids. These articles are usually written by one of the editors, sometimes under some pen name to give the impression the paper has more on staff than they can afford. This is especially true for the ”Letters to the Editor”.

There are five reporters and two photographers employed by the paper, one of the more competent reporters being Mrs Bauer.

Clues and interesting finds

Mrs Bauer has at two occasions suceeded to take photographs, one at each occasion, of Herbert de Lucien dining with some persons that he shouldn’t be seen with. These photographs are stored in a filing cabinet under ”Herbert” and both Mr and Mrs Bauer have failed to understand that the pitcures, published during an election campaign, would spell quite some problems for the Police Commissioner.

The Police Commissioner suspects that the paper have three or four photographs of him but he has not been able to establish weather it is so or not without alarming them.

The archive

The archive contains most back issues, including unsold copies, of the Virgin’s 31 years of existence.

They have covered most of the important news during that time, but the reporting is unreliable as fact are frequently mixed with opinions.

The main purpose of the archive for the investigators is to find out that an event has occurred, but to know what has happened they need o search elsewhere. They might be lucky though…

To gain access they have to tell a plausible story to Mathias Bauer or Johnathan Buckman, which isn’t easy.

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