What the result will be of the investigator’s actions depends heavily on their success in their endeavour. If they cannot prevent it the two cults will grow more and more desperate for the struggle to gain the moonstone, at some point they will not stop at large scale battle, both counting on their ability to pacify the police via infiltration, bribes, blackmail and threats to both police and city officials.

The Chthonians’ course of action

The Chthonians will converge on the city and create earthquakes and using magic to influence both the moonstone and the citizens of the city to gain access to the moonstone. This might utterly destroy the city, or just damage a few, select houses. The only way of make them stop is to kill them all, which will be hard indeed, or destroy the moonstone or let the Serpent People have it. If the Chthonians gets the stone they will immediately burrow down to their domains and the aeon old struggle with the Serpent People will take a new turn, all on a time scale incomprehensible to humans.

Their human followers will with glee and joy leave the city, doing their masters’ bidding elsewhere.

The Serpent People’s course of action

The Serpent People will likewise move to their old colony of “Serpent City” and fight for the moonstone, which by human laws rightfully belongs to them. As they can move about in disguise in a human community, they will take direct action during nighttime if needed. They will never, at any cost in cultists, leave one of their own behind. They don’t want the humans to be none the wiser about the bigger picture.

If they gets their paws on the stone they will quickly move it out of the city, to the Serpent City, where they will quickly decode the message and beam it to their moon colony. This will make a nice and eerie light show that will be talked about a lot among farmers etc. in the county. After that the moonstone will be destroyed, they don’t want the message to be stored on Earth any longer.

The humans…

Elmer Caton and Brandon Booker will both look after their interests, neither cares for the Mythos, unless it can further their goals. What they do depends very much on what has happened, but both are competent and will do what they can to stay at the top.

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