The Owl and the Rose

Outline for an Chivalry and Sorcery campaign

This is an synopsis of my Chivalry and Sorcery campaign set in the High Chivalric period (see the rules for definition) based on the Rotherweird books by Andrew Caldecott.

On day a nobleman Wynter arrives to the local abbey together with two male servants and 12 teenagers (5 women, 7 men). With the help of the abbot, Wynter secures an understanding with the local noble and takes residence in a mansion that has stood empty for some time. He is obviously of some means, he refurbish the house and builds an impressive library and cultivates social ties to everyone of power and influence.

This is what everyone outside sees.

His instructs his adepts in everything scientific, in the art of painting as well as in the art of magic. He also instruct them in intrigues, deceit and trickery. But above all he instruct them in loyalty to the grand plan. They are all scheming to be the power behind the throne, not only England’s throne but to build a society which would stand behind every rules or notable nobleman and whisper … advice.

These thirteen are all evil, they plan this for their own agenda, for their own benefit. The 12 teenagers are all individuals and none is Satan-worshipping-evil, but their regard and empathy for others varies greatly between them.

Each one has their own area of research, something they are passionate about. One is passionate about strategy and war, another poisons, and a third about the manipulation of notable nobles. They experience and studies nature with both dissection and vivisection in their laboratory, but spend as much time in field studies sitting in a tree or in a hideout, studying the mating habit of some animals or their foraging techniques.

In their laboratory they do not only study natures animals, but with magic create their own. Spies, messengers and assistants to their work.

Their motto and escutcheon is Escutcheon is an owl under a rose; i.e. secret wisdom. The motto Ibis autem in rosa (the owl under the rose, according to Google Translate).

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