The Watchtower


The tower was build by humans for many ears ago but have been overtaken by the Enemy. Although it’s purpose is the same to guard the frontier it is in some decay and will in a couple of decades need some repair. It will not stand a fullsize siege but will easyly defend a small group of adventurers like the PCs.


One orc is always on guard at the door and during night one is standing guard on the roof (a flare that the PCs uses is seen a long way). Both the guards and those orcs that goes outside takes great care to prevent discovering. They are few and know that if they is discovered they doesn’t stand much of a chance, but if they can produce an ambush they have a good chance of winning they will most likely do so. They don’t spend much time on the first floor but there is a rope going from the doorguard to a bell on the second floor. The guard will ring this bell as soon as he sees someone so if the PCs doesn’t take great care the orcs will be forwarned when they arrive. The second floor is the only floor that is heated during winter to save some wood.

Map and Legend

A map of the tower

0 Basement

In the basement they store supplies such as weapons, food, equipment etc. They get water from a stream about 20 yards from the tower which they store in great casks in case of a siege.

  1. Storeroom, the staircase is 1.5 meters in diameter. One guard here if any prisoners.
  2. Food
  3. Prison/etc.
  4. Water in large casks.

1 First Floor

  1. Staircase, 70 cm wide.
  2. Empty room except one guard, a table, a chair and barrels the guard can hide behind (togeather with bow and arrows). A rope leasds to a bell on the next floor.
  3. Empty room
  4. Empty room
  5. Empty room

2 Second Floor

  1. Empty room. A rope leads to a bell in room 2.
  2. This and the next is for the inhabitants. Bedrolls, tables, chairs etc.
  3. See above.
  4. Fireplace

3 Roof

  1. Beacon
  2. Firewood for the beacon

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